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Freddy’s Maze 3D is a funny and thrilling remake based on the real Five Nights at Freddy’s game, which is not set in a normal family pizza restaurant but in a maze where you have to find out the exit as soon as possible to become the survivor and winner. Indeed, you are trapped after you receive the new part-time job. If you can’t finish this mission, the worst consequence will happen to you in the short time. You should remember that there is only one door that you can get through. Everything in this Fnaf game is not simple and easy as you think. However, you will be challenged when you encounter some animatronic robots which love to lurk in the shadow and jump out of that place to catch and kill you. Therefore, you must move cautiously to keep away from their assault for survival. The game contains various maps for you to explore. Some of them are larger. Hope you enjoyed!

Freddy’s Maze 3D 32-bit

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Freddy’s Maze 3D 64-bit

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